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About Our China Town Kung Fu School

To an Odessa resident ready for an
amazing experience with martial arts,

Many years ago, Martial Arts seemed foreign and unique. I hadn't thrown a kick or a punch and I wasn’t even sure where to begin to look for training.

Fortunately, I was drawn toward these arts – something pulled me in and through hard work and soul searching, I found exactly what I was looking for.

After year of training, I became a master in my art. But that wasn't enough for me. In the same way I was drawn to first learn martial arts, I felt a calling to teach it. I wanted to pass on its timeless lessons to our community.

Along the way, I learned how to give students the best experience possible. Here's what you can expect when you walk through our doors:

Top Rated, Passionate Instructors

A great teacher is essential for a transforming experience. Our instructors are hand-picked for their passion, expertise, and desire to teach the profound lessons of martial arts to all who will listen.

Eager to help you learn and grow, our instructors will push you to go beyond your limits. They will challenge you to rise above challenges and answer questions you have along the way.

They're patient, knowledgeable, and there for you.

An Uplifting Environment That’s Safe and Clean

Our facility is clean, safe and a positive environment for all. Even the best instructors can't make up for dirt, grime, broken equipment and an out-dated atmosphere. So, the entire studio is cleaned daily....really well!

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We scrub the mats, sweep and mop the floors, wipe down the equipment and more.

When you walk in, you'll walk into a clean space that breathes support and positivity. You’ll be in the best environment possible for reaching goals and achieving success!


Community is the final ingredient. We strive to make our facility the perfect environment for people to come together, encourage each other, and help one another learn and grow. Veteran members help out beginners in learning. People partner up for exercises, and motivate each other to try their hardest.

It’s not unusual for entire families train here too! We have kids and adult programs, and often parents train with adults while their children learn and grow with other kids.

Click on any of the programs, either above or below, to learn more about them. Take a look around and decide if we’re a good fit for you.

You'll even have the option to try out our classes with an amazing, risk-free offer! That way you can come into our studio and make sure, firsthand, we're the right school for you.

I can't wait for the opportunity to help you master the martial arts.

Daniel Miller

Kids of all ages as well as their parents love these Odessa kids martial arts classes. That’s because they focus beyond martial arts. Kids are taught self-discipline and respect as well as focus and confidence. The kids are better-behaved everywhere they go, their sense of respect improves and they perform better in school.

Our classes are result-focused and there are an array of fun activities and games for kids of all ages. Every age is perfectly catered for and the kids love these classes as they perfect their martial arts techniques and learn new ones.

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Fitness classes should offer more than just toning muscle, burning fat and boosting energy. At Odessa fitness kickboxing the classes are power-packed with a mix of fun, action and passionate instructors. You’ll be guided through professional workouts with real-life kickboxing techniques to develop unshakable confidence and a slimmer, stronger you.

By working with authentic kickboxing equipment, you’ll learn new athletic drills and burn fat fast as you make friends. Plus, you’ll master some great skills to show off to family and friends still huffing away on the treadmill! It’s risk free to join with our amazing web special. Click now to get started!

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Our Odessa kids martial arts after school program gives you a safe, fun, and learning environment to leave your kids until you get off of work. And because we pick your child up from school, you know he/she is in great hands from the moment the bell rings until the moment you take them home.

In our program, kids get a great mixture of martial arts, healthy exercise, fun activities, focused lessons on life such as respect, discipline, and paying attention, and time to study and get homework done. It's truly the most enriching and fun program out there.

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