As you can see in the video below, a mixed martial artist and a traditional Chinese Martial Arts Master squared off in what was thought to have been a fight for the ages last week. However, it was anything but ideal. The actual fight lasted just about ten seconds and, as a result, the entire Traditional Chinese Martial Arts community has been shook to it’s core. The fight clearly showed ordinary strength and boxing skill easily defeating centuries old Tai Chi form in a matter of moments.
The two men who fought were Wei Lei, a Tai Chi Master, and Mr. Xu, a very imposing mixed martial artist. The story of how the fight came to be was pretty simple, Mr. Xu had been disparaging the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts community for several months asking if any master of any of the arts would fight him and he finally got his wish. Xu’s point was to discredit the community which he did a decent job of but he also did a fantastic job of making people so angry with him that he has now been forced into hiding due to fear of reprisals.
The real problem with these sorts of exhibition fights is that you are effectively comparing apples and oranges when you have a fight between Wushu (Traditional Chinese Martial Arts) and MMA which many consider pure savagery. Wushu has a huge spiritual element and is just as much about discipline and respect as it is self defense whereas mixed martial arts is just about crushing your opponent as quickly as humanly possible. The overall points of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts disciplines and MMA are completely different. Hence, it’s not even close to a fair fight.
You can see the fight below as well as why there was so much outrage over it.

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